Reach Reporting Video Tutorials

Quickly learn how to visually enhance your client’s financial reports.

Reach Reporting Basics

Reach Reporting | Color Themes & Customization

Light / Dark Theme, Metric Chart Default Colors, Custom Colors.

Reach Reporting | Dashboards Overview

Creating a new Dashboard, Assessing Templates, Adding Metrics, Publishing Live.

Reach Reporting | Metric Builder Overview

Metric Types, Customization, Date Ranges, Custom Data, Class Filters.

How to Build Reports in Reach Reporting

Reach Reporting | Creating / Editing Metrics

Adding Metrics, Layout, Customization, Templates.

Reach Reporting | Adding Financial Statements

Adding Financial Statements, Dates and Columns, Custom Data, Custom Mapping, Templates, Presentations.

Reach Reporting | Working with Images

Uploading Images, Moving and Resizing, Customization.

Reach Reporting | Working with Text

Text Themes, Adding Text, Move, Customize, Examples with other Objects.

Reach Reporting | Working with Live Text

Understanding Live Text, Adding, Changing Live Text Dates, Customizing Appearance.

Reach Reporting | Working with Shapes

Lines and Basic Shapes, Resizing, Customizing Lines vs. Shape Types, Location, Sizing.

Reach Reporting | Working with Scratch Pad

Storing Content and Pages, Using for Other Reports / Companies.