Reach Reporting Features

There is no other reporting software with our reach.

Reach Reporting empowers CPA’s, Advisers, and financial professionals to give the best reports to clients. Experience the future of report creation and uncanny ease of use. Reach Reporting allows you to add financial or non-financial data from other sources so you can see the KPI’s that are most important.

Report Templates

Built to comply with industry standards

Developed for you

Create a report, dashboard, KPI, or spreadsheet then save it to your library. With the auto-update functionality, the reports will always show the information you intend. With the live text, the text data will show the current numbers.

Manage Multiple Companies

Choose your saved reports from the library, and instantly the new report with be created using the new companies’ data. Use templates that are already designed and created from the Reach library to start you off running.

Save Time

Access your library at any time and update your reports the way you like. In a moment, the data is pulled from the cloud, the reports and dashboards are updated, and the report can be downloaded. 

A process that typically takes an hour or more will take less than 5 minutes! 

KPI/Metric Builder

Build your own or select from a library.

Unlimited possibilities for Key Performance Indicators

The best-in-class statement, table, and KPI builder. Tables that impress and distill. Statements that will make you blush. KPIs that provide charts, graphs, account data, spreadsheet data, and tables all in one. We mean business. The power of the most advanced KPI’s on earth in a simple experience.

Live Text

Pulls data and updates text automatically.

Live Text

Save Hours of Time

Stop fumbling through data tables to source metrics every time the report is due. Reach Pulls it automatically into your reports. 

Use pre-built reports with live text for multiple clients. Then every month push a button rather than having to re-build every report every month for every recipient.

Electronic PDFs or Dashboards

Reports should be accessible and sharable.

Live Text

Secure Data

Share a web address to a specific dashboard or report and share fully live data. Ensures access to intended information, but provides enormous value to the recipient. View read-only dashboards on a CEO’s computer, a Sales Manager’s Projector, or a Warehouse Manager’s big-screen TV.

White Label 

Take the credit for your amazing reports.

Live Text

Showcase Yourself

Easily export any report and add your own logo to showcase your firm. For dashboards, publish a dashboard link that is properly branded. Showcase your advisory skills in a way like never before.

Client Retention

Reports that they will appreciate.

Live Text

Provide Advisory Services

Clients stay with firms and advisers who they know put in the extra effort to ensure their success. Reach is designed to allow firms to engage clients in a way that showcases the skills your firm offers.

Schedule a demo. You’ll be glad you did.

Perfect Pricing

We don’t hide features. You get it all.

Live Text

Price Savings

We have established discount pricing based on the number of companies you connect. We have established the perfect price for the following:

Single Business – 1 Company Connection

Bookkeeper – 5 Company Connections

Professional – 10 Company Connections

Firm – 25 Company Connections

Enterprise –  Please call us. 


Schedule a demo. You’ll be glad you did.

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