Connect. Select. Share.

Really, it’s that simple.

Experience the future of automated report creation. Connect your accounting software. Select a template. Share a beautiful Visual Financial Report.

Report Templates

Sit back and let us do the work.

Select from a plethora of industry-standard templates, built by storytelling experts, to produce the most powerful visual reports you have ever seen within seconds.

Want More Control?

We don’t limit what you can do. We enhance it.

Complete Customization

As much control as you want.

Spreadsheet Platform

Built on top of a spreadsheet infrastructure, Reach Reporting gives you the freedom to create in a familiar environment, some say “feels like home”.

No More Data Entry

Reach Reporting pulls live financial data from external systems including Xero, Quickbooks, Excel, and Google Sheets to remove the friction of working with multiple data sources eliminating manual data entry.

Templatize Your Work

Creating amazing reports, metrics, and spreadsheets take time. We know! Reach Reporting will save countless hours each month with the click of a button.

Visual Metrics 

Build Powerful Visual KPIs

Use a Template

Our library contains the most powerful industry metrics that pulls live-data from your connected accounting software to automatically create charts and graphs that can be placed in any report.

Build from Scratch

Build metrics in our spreadsheet environment which is connected to your financial data. It’s right at your fingertips. Best of all, you can save your work as a template and never build it again.

Live Text

It might feel like cheating. It’s not.

Live Text

Up-to-date and Ready to Share.

Build reports with live-text elements that stay connected to your financial data, keeping your reports up-to-date and ready to send.

Live Text

Sentences or Values

Dynamic text elements with conditional formatting utilize color and in-text visual elements to help tell the story. 


Built on a familiar platform you’ll love.

Live Text

Work Directly with Your Data

Reach Reporting pulls your financial data into the built-in spreadsheet. Select the data you want to populate your tables with, then create custom formulas to produce informative spreadsheets that can be templatized, turned into visual metrics, and accessed throughout Reach Reporting.

Electronic PDFs or Dashboards

Reports should be accessible and sharable.

Live Text

Secure Data

Share a web address to a specific dashboard or report and share fully live-data. Ensures access to intended information and provides enormous value to the recipient. View read-only dashboards on a CEO’s computer, a Sales Manager’s Projector, or a Warehouse Manager’s big-screen TV.

White Label 

Take the credit for your amazing reports.

Live Text

Showcase Yourself

Easily export any report and add your own logo to showcase your firm. For dashboards, publish a dashboard link that is properly branded. Enhance your advisory skills in a way like never before.

Live Text

Provide Advisory Services

Clients stay with firms and advisers who they know put in the extra effort to ensure their success. Reach Reporting is designed to allow firms to engage clients in a way that showcases the skills your firm offers.

Perfect Pricing

We don’t hide features. You get it all.

Live Text

Price Savings

We have established discount pricing based on the number of companies you connect. We have established the perfect price for the following:

Single Business – 1 Company Connection

Small Business – 5 Company Connections

Professional – 10 Company Connections

Firm – 25 Company Connections

Enterprise –  Please call us.


Super Easy

“Reach was SUPER easy to set up and the graphs and charts are really easy to understand and tweak.”


“Reach reporting is amazing and so easy to work with.”


“I really like that this app makes it simple and easy to create really nice looking dashboards that I can share with my teammates.”

Helps Summarize

“This could be a great way to help them summarize the financial activities of the business in a simple and easy to use format.”

Helps Summarize

“Helps us see trends on monthly financial reports which give context to monthly values and make them actionable.”

Nice Looking

“I really like that this app makes it simple and easy to create really nice looking dashboards that I can share with my teammates.”

Easy to Understand

“Reach was SUPER easy to set up and the graphs and charts are really easy to understand and tweak.”

Value Immediately

“We logged in the first time and found several pre-built reports, dashboards and KPI’s with OUR NUMBERS in them. It was really​ cool to see the value immediately.”

See Information

“Reach Reporting has helped us organize our reporting. Now executives only see the information they want; information that is impactful.”

Easy to Read Charts

“Reach Reporting has given me a simple way to communicate with my team complex financial information distilled down into easy to read charts.”

Read Reach Reporting Reviews on GetApp.com

Templates are Fantastic

“Love the ability to create templates of metrics and reports that you and your team can use across the platform.”

Incredibly Powerful

“It’s basically what would happen if Tableau and Excel had a baby. They somehow were able to pack every feature you could want, Made it incredibly powerful, and still make it a pleasure to use. “


“The customization is very easy to use, intuitive and very much designed to think like Excel but, of course, without the potential for human interface errors, constant updating.”

The Best Tool

“This tool is HANDS DOWN the best tool that I have ever used to produce financials, trends, and KPIs. I have been looking for this tool my ENTIRE career.”

Blown Away

“I was blown away! I love how customize-able it is because as a Non-profit, all our lingo is different, even when using the Non-profit version of QB.”

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