Ever wondered… “Is financial reporting important?” The simple and quick answer is YES!! The more detailed answer is a little longer. There are many reasons why reporting software is essential to running a business. Once you see the benefits you will begin to wonder how your business ever survived without the information provided by reporting software.

Here are some of the many reasons why reporting software is a vital part of running any business. Whether you are or a small business owner, a small bookkeeping firm or a large CPA firm you should be using reporting software.

Trend identification

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Seeing and understanding financial trends in your business the best way to forecast your financial future. No matter what financial activity you’re wanting to keep track, reporting software will help you identify trends, both good and bad, past and present.  Being able to discover trends within your financials will significantly increase your ability to plan ahead.

Real-time information

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Making accurate, informed decisions is key to business success. Being able to find that accurate information is the hard part. Reporting software can provide you with real time analytics so you can make those decisions.  Up to date, solid financials is right at your fingertips, helping you avoid pitfalls and making those difficult decisions a little easier to make.

Improved debt management

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That dreaded 4 letter word… DEBT. Lucky is the company with no debt but most businesses have to learn how to manage it.  No matter the industry debt can be stifling to the growth of a company. Reporting software will help track your current assets against your current liabilities on your balance sheet in turn giving you an up to date picture of your debt management. Crucial information that will guide you in managing your debt efficiently.


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With any business, there are different types of liabilities to monitor. Credit cards, bank loans, lines of credit and credit extended from vendors. Managing all of them is a demanding and vital part of your company’s financial health.  By using financial reporting software, it can be easier to keep track of them all. If you’re planning to apply for an SBA loan, you can easily explore your financial data all within reporting software. From there determine what is next in your application process, reducing liabilities or moving forward.

Saves time and money;

Running reports has always been an important part of managing a business. In the past it has been a long and time consuming project, takes all day to get a small amount of information. Financial reporting software cuts the time required for reports in more than half.  Time saved is money earned.

Reporting software can be the vital difference between the success or failure of your business. Reach Reporting wants to be the software that creates your success.

Let’s recap, why is financial reporting important? We may not love financial reporting or even like it much but business’s will need the financial information included in them if they plan to make or spend money.